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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The panic button….. Where is it?

It’s been a month since the scare of swine flu has gripped almost everyone in the country. The pandemic has been sending waves of fear through the masses each time a life succumbs to the devious tentacles of the virus.

The media has done a great job by underlining that anything you do or anywhere you go, you might just catch the flu from the oxygen-filled air. The front page of every newspaper carries the tales of the deaths which are exaggerated by every inch possible.

I would not condemn the media to fill in the mass with the news of the life taker. It is very important to stay aware of the deep pit rather than falling into it. But it certainly is not going to help if we chose to live with the thought of catching the flu each time we touch, eat, talk or move outside. It’s like living life in death which has not yet come.

Every problem has a solution and so does this one too. Precaution and awareness are the measures which have to be stressed on. It is important to realize that our thoughts have great power. Thinking about the disease over and over is like attracting it into your life. The more you focus your thoughts on a thing, the more you prone to receive it. That’s how life works.

It is acceptable that something which is life threatening tends to create panic but it is essential to maintain you’re cool only to take the best decision. Let us stop fretting the future and create ways to fight the disease. Life is really short to worry. And letting a flu create fright across the nation is like inviting it all over. Let us not make that happen.