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Monday, August 30, 2010

How luxury can sometimes be a torture!!!

Well, I had been home recently for the weekend to see my parents (usually, its for home food that I drop by but, whatever!!!). And as usual, no matter how many times my dad yells at me or explains me the tantrums of not booking my tickets in advance for the train, I wasn't going to pay any heed to whatever he said. That was just me.
And so I used my internet skills to book a return ticket back to chennai just two days before the trip. Alas, every single bus travel agency had sold the tickets (this only increased my desire to open up a bus travel agency even more). I used my sources and ocntacts and influence- and finally got a ticket in a bus which luckily happened to cross my home town heading to Chennai.
When I reached the boarding point, I learnt that it was an AC bus. I was like wow!!!AC luxury for just 450 bucks, I chuckled.
Around 9.30, the bus arrived packed with ppl wrapped in funny colored bedsheets. After my dad made sure that the bus folks would drop me safely (as if I can't take of myself, I am 23 for God's sake but a dad is a dad), he got down from the bus.
Thankfully enough, after a while, I was also given a thin bedsheet around which I immediately wrapped myself. As I made myself comfortable, I was treated to the unmistakable noise to a vijay starrer movie which must have been the most irritating thing I had ever seen on a TV.
Until 12, the loud noise banged around my ears as I fought the urge to break down the TV. And I happened to have a neighbour beside me. By the looks of it, I judged it as a 'girl', a really fat girl I think. She tossed and turned all night in her seat while I silently stuck to my seat trying hard not to give her any space of mine (after all it's my seat).
It was an AC bus, good. But nobody had told me it would be freaking cold inside that my nose, lips, fingers and toes were frozen by the time we entered Chennai. Why did they bother giving the bedsheet, I cursed under my breath.
As Fate would have it, we got stuck in a traffic at 6 am in Tambaram (traffic at 6 am!!! I think I hate metros).
Phew! and I finally got to taste freedom at 7 am when I stepped outside the bus kissing the warm air.
That day I learnt, luxury might not actually be luxury certain times. That wasn't the worst of my journeys but not one of my best ones either. (Maybe I should finally listen to my dad)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

H-o-p-e vs F-e-a-r

Life is normal like it is always. Life in general is perfect with the day and night setting in and out. Atleast, that's when ppl say life goes on.
Even when things go normal why is there a fear of losing it all completely? Is there anything to lose at all? Why do we hold on to things that we ain't even sure will last?
May that's called hope. Fear awakens hope. Hope that things will not fall apart however bad they seem, hope that ppl will not drift away however bad times fall, hope that life can still be wonderful after the worst of situations....Hope, the powerful 4 letter word which battles with the other dreadful 4 letter word,F-E-A-R.
Well, I am not sure what triumphs in the end but I do know that hope makes it easier to go ahead, it makes it easier to open the door though you don't know what's behind. Hope is what keeps YOU going but fear shrunkens your boundaries and thoughts.
I believe, no matter how bad life gets on, clinging to H-O-P-E will definitely prove that the world isn't such a bad place to live in, after all.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

is it all about finding the right one? or u being the right one?

Ever since I grew up, I had been influenced largely by books, movies and all dramas that involved love stories. I had somehow assumed that we all eventually had to find the right one for us or that there was right one made for us. Someone who would be just made exclusively for you would suddenly turn up, may be at the bus stop or in class or in office or when you take your dog for a walk or.....the list is endless of how you could bump into your soulmate.
well, then starts the phase oh-I-am-madly-in-love and he/she-is-really-the-right-one for me( like God sent). I almost feel like laughing at such theories now. Lately, I have realised that it was not falling in love that mattered, it was sustaining the love that mattered. In fact, there is no such thing called as 'the right one'. It's just what we have made up.
Most people are good to us but then towards the end we have to choose only one to share our deepest secrets and desires. It is more about finding that person that counts. And you surely can't expect that person to be -the-best-person-ever-on-earth. No, that person will also have flaws like you have yours. But nobody is ever perfect (yeah, you've heard that b4).
What I feel is that it's not about being perfect for each other but it's more about being comfortable with each other which includes being able to share stuff, laugh about, discuss things and also accept each other for what they are.
Relationships fail when people demand the same perfections which they had seen earlier but the truth is that there was never a perfect one all along, it's what you assumed to be.
So, it's better for the heart to not search for the perfect one. It's more to do with following your instincts cos they mostly lead you where you really have to be. Then you get about creating a great relationship by doing the right things for each other.
Love, after all, is abundant, it never dries up.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


When I stepped into college, I was fascinated by the fresh air of being young. It amazed me that once you entered college, you ruled yourself . I was eager to taste the new found freedom .
After my first two weeks of college, I convinced my parents how badly I was in need of a cell phone and that I would be incompetent without it. Unfortunately, my parents fell for it. There was it. My first cell phone. A ten-digit number of my own.
I felt on the top as I could talk to my mates at any hour , any minute. The tiny gadget became my best pal and eventually I found it difficult to part with it. I took it along with me wherever I went. To the bathroom, to have dinner, in my books ,to almost all occasions, my mobile was my inseparable friend.
As time passed by, I felt devoid of human beings. I did not see the importance of having a conversation or at least let the person know that I was listening to him but my eyes stayed glued on the wide screen which beeped almost 24 hours. My dad was amused that my contacts were so wide that I had people talking to me whole time. When curiosity got the better of him, he checked my phonebook . He would not have been able to figure out anything as all the numbers were stored with a single letter alphabet to keep the name discreet.
Not that I used to have any professional important conversations as mine usually included “ “ wat ya up2” “ me brd? N u” “ ah, same her” “oh grt””. Well , at that point of time these conversations did matter a lot to me. I realized that I was not being dependent on my pals but on an electric gadget. The mobile was ruling me. It did not take long for the phone to take control over my actions.
Even if I were engaged in a deep talk or watching my favorite show, it was a beep of my phone which could put me to my legs at any instant. In the middle of a dark night, when I am sleeping with my eyes stuck to my eyelids and dreaming about fantasies, my adorable phone would vibrate cruelly under my pillow. Of course I had difficulty getting back to sleep, but I never seemed to mind this constant torture of my friend. Instead I gave in to whenever it ringed.
It was only as I grew up with time , I felt it was time to show my little pal “ who ruled whom” . I was determined to prove to my folks that I was not a mobile geek which was what I was named due to my attachment with the phone.
When I lessened the action of being a slave to my phone, I also felt how important people meant to me who yearned to have a human talk with me. That was it, today its me who is the master of my phone as it was supposed to be. I am no longer a slave to it. Though we are still together, we mind our manners.