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Friday, August 9, 2013

Rest in Peace dear TELEGRAM

Over the recent years, we have noticed the leap of evolution that has occurred in the communication industry. Since the advent of mobile phones and e-mails, we are now living in the era of skype and whatsapp (which are currently the mostly used forms of communication modes added with a number of other apps that support only FREE video chatting and messaging).

Even as we move ahead leaving behind the paper mode of communication and switch to the feel of an instrument in our hands to receive a message, the good old telegram has served its purpose for the best. Invented in the nineteenth century, the telegram was once the only mode of communication to deliver messages.

In fact, I recently learned that the news of my birth was delivered to my relatives through a telegram. I laughed when I heard that they had sent only two words in the message. “BABY BORN”. It is understandable given the fact that the cost was calculated from the size of the message.

It is funny that we are able to write long texts and pages of information now for free of cost. All we have to own is a computer or a latest smartphone and communicating becomes that easy. In fact, we are exchanging information so much that the instrument has become a part of our lives without which we can no longer think of existing. (At least, until the next invention takes over the current modes of communication).

Before the mobile phones and e-mails become extinct, let’s make the most of it so that we live long enough to tell stories to our future generation about the “first smart phone I used” or “the days when we used to e-mail”. I know it’s funny to think of someday when e-mails and mobiles become extinct. Not that it will occur right away but it will, someday, centuries ahead.
For now, let’s just put the good old Telegram to rest.