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Hi guys out there! Well, stories have been my first love because they make life. We all have stories to talk about, stories untold, stories locked in our hearts. I have been writing stories ever since they influenced me. Here I am with three fiction novels in my kitty. If you have a story you want to talk about, you can always write to me. Here you'll find my blog posts too which are sometimes funny and stupid because I choose to write what prevails within me. About me on a personal note: I love to write at any time. Some day, I want to be the person who creates a tiny difference in the book world. Apart from that, I do have common interests just like anybody else with an extra tint of passion for books. You can always write to me here chitalmehta1987@gmail.com or check my website here - www.chitalmehta.com

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Promise..

About the Book :

Dad says, 'Go to work (how boring!)

Heart says, 'Have a blast' (yippee)

Dad kicks me out. What do I do now? (Lost!)

Friends are damn busy (Grrrrrrr)

I meet Pinky (It's definitely love at first sight, believe me!)

I join CAT class (whoa! I am in love)

My love life rolls on rocking (yeah, she loves me too. Great na?)

Dad is also happy (Son is finally studying. Duh!)

Rani steps in...nice girl, really cute (just a friend!)

She is my best friend but then...she says she loves me...

Oops... I kiss her (I didn’t mean to...)

But I love Pinky (Do I?)

And I have made her a promise... (I can't break it)

This is me, Ajay. (Lost and confused madly in love)

Can you really measure friendship and love?

Step into Ajay's world which is filled with frolic, fun, confusions and craziness to discover the truth about friendship and love.

About the Author :

A compulsive reader with a passion for writing, Chital Mehta is a 23 year old software engineer in Chennai. She believes that life is a gift that has to be cherished every minute. She is passionate about love stories because she believes love is the essence of life. Armed with her dreams, she believes nothing is impossible as long as one lives with profound faith.
Besides writing, she loves to discover new books, enjoy rains, hear music and laugh till her stomach aches. An enthusiastic blogger who loves to learn new patterns of writing, she is constantly in search of new stories that can create a difference in others lives.