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Friday, April 1, 2016

Airlift : loss and regain of hope and life

Stories can stir hearts making the much needed difference. There are stories everywhere. It’s up to us, which ones we do want to hear and which ones we don’t. But then, there are some stories that somehow make their way into our lives. One such story is Airlift, the movie.

I normally wouldn’t be writing a review if the movie hadn’t impressed me. In fact, it had surpassed my expectations. It’s just not the movie, but the flawless depiction of the biggest rescue operation conducted in Indian history that has baffled me beyond words. What men can do if they set their minds on and decide not to give up? How few people can take control and lead the way for the helpless?

The rescue operation story of almost 1,70,000 Indians who were stranded in Kuwait has been re-told trough the movie Airlift with Akshay Kumar playing the lead role. It’s a reality based movie but what is truly gripping is the delivery of the tension and pressure that must have prevailed in the situation years ago when Indian faced the plight in Kuwait when Iraq attacked.  The loss and regain of hope and life, over and over can break a human heart but it can also make it stronger and firm. The human bond that develops when attacked by a tragedy is beyond words. It's amazing what people can do if they decide not to give up. 

To say that it’s a beautiful or amazing movie would be shame, or to simply praise the movie would also not suffice. It simply transports you twenty years ago and shows you what it is to protect someone because at the end of day, we are all answerable to somebody. 

Coming to the cast, Akshay Kumar has delivered a meticulous performance carrying the entire movie on his shoulders. I would rate this as his best movie till date. Purab Kohli and Nimrat Kaur have played their roles beautifully.
Rating for Airlift – 5/5.