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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Perspective, way of looking at life

Source: Paulo Coelho's blog

The Argentinean golfer Robert de Vincenzo went to the parking lot to get his car after having won an important tournament.
At that moment, a woman approached him. After congratulating him for his victory, she told him her son was at the edge of death and that she had no money to pay the hospital bills.

De Vincenzo immediately gave her part of the money he had won that afternoon.

A week later, at a lunch at the Professional Golf Association, he told this story to a couple of friends. One of them asked him if the woman was blond with a small scar under her left eye.

De Vincenzo agreed. “You were cheated,” his friend said.

“This woman is a swindler and is always telling the same story to all foreign golfers that show up here.”

“So there is no child at the edge of death?”
“Well, this was the best news I got this week!” said the golf player.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Most people believe that their life happens to them

Source: Paulo Coelho's blog

“Most people believe that their life happens to them. That everything which occurs happens because of external circumstances that are independent of their will. Some people call this fate, others call it God’s will, and others choose to call it chance. But regardless of what they call it, they are giving away the responsibility for their lives; they relinquish control over their joys and their sorrows. They become an actor in someone else’s play.

“Every single event in your life is determined solely by you, by your unlimited creative capacity. You can manifest beauty and abundance, just as you can manifest cruelty and oppression. You can manifest joy, just as you can manifest suffering. It is up to you, and no one else. You are the director of the play of your life, and you are writing the script with every breath, every thought, every emotion. It is likely, however, that you are not fully aware of the story you are writing. And thus it is easier to believe that external forces come into play.”

“It is only when we become fully aware of the story that we can choose to write a different one.”

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Passwords, giving the needed push

I just happened to recently read an article on reader's digest about how passwords can change lives. The topic itself, intriguing, I was drawn towards what the writer had to say on how a password could affect lives. Passwords, now being the most mundane things of our lives, do not appear to be anything different or exciting to our lives. Of course, they hold a secretive part of us, when we hide our lover's names or secured codewords. In the current era, coming up with a password is no easy task when you have to keep replacing one every two or three months with the new password matching a new set of criteria each time.

Memorizing passwords are really hard when you have to store at least ten of them in your head. I counted once and found that I needed to remember at least 15 of them which was impossible. I simply had to write them down in a secretive place. Coming back to the article that I read, the writer showed a way of how passwords, than just being random set of letters and symbols, can actually be made into something that can uplift our minds.

Say you have been having a rough patch with someone, your husband, your friend or your relative. The tiff stays in your head not letting you think of anything else. Next time you change your password, keep it something related to your problem, like forgive@her$$ or forget@fight, anything at all. When you type this password numerous times a day to login, it will start beginning to work inside your brain actually letting you live the password. In no time, you will find yourself forgiving the person or forgetting the argument that had dodged up your head.

Say if you are looking for a new job, a soul mate or you have a dream. Having passwords related to things that hold utmost importance in your life can actually let you achieve things and improve situations.

I am not really sure how far this works but hey, it's worth giving a shot. Try giving it a chance with your next password. I am definitely giving it a try.