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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Same old rape case…..when will we react?

Well, this isn’t new. We are having so many problems around that the news of rape has hardly made us stop in our tracks. Instead, the word rape has become so common in our magazines and newspapers that we read it and flap the pages as if it were usual to read such news. And we are partly right in our actions. Nobody ever stops to see until it happens to us. If it has happened to someone else, the least we can do is offer sympathy and move because we have been taught that life is supposed to be lived forward.

Whatever been said and done, we simply cannot ignore rapes. India, as a country can never develop if it never learns to keep its daughters safe. No amount of money or technology progress will help India until women are able to walk in the roads without the fear of being raped. The news article in NDTV dated 27th December talks about a particular case where a teenager who was fighting for justice committed suicide after one month because she was given two options:

1. To have a financial settlement with her attackers.
2. Marry one of the attackers.

Surely, justice seems to have an alteration in its meaning if people start throwing their options such as the above. I am surprised and proud for the fact that the teenager fought her battle for a whole month after the attack but I am equally saddened that something broke her confidence and faith that drove her to kill herself. I can only pray for her soul to rest in peace.

NDTV:A 17-year-old in Patiala who had been gang-raped has committed suicide because the police allegedly embarrassed her and refused to register a case for over a month.

The teen was sexually assaulted on Diwali by two men. Though her family was threatened by the alleged rapists, they decided to file a police case two weeks after the attack.

The family alleges that the cops refused to register a case; they summoned the teen repeatedly to the police station and humiliated her. "The police started pressuring her to either reach a financial settlement with her attackers or marry one of them," her sister said today.

Let’s not forget that at any point of time, men were not born to rape and women were not born to be preys. There can be no space for such filth in a society which boasts about culture and values. All said and done, the recent rape incidents throws a strong message to women out there to safeguard themselves against the prevailing evil minds that roam our streets.