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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Surviving the unknown

At some time earlier in our lives, probably a few years ago, the only fear we had was facing tragedy. Of course, we worried for our family, friends and ourselves all the time.  We still do. Most of the times, the things that happen to us had answers or I would say, closure.

In someway, the meaning of facing life has changed drastically.  The idea of surviving the unknown has become the hardest of things.  As humans, we are designed to live with certainty.  Uncertainty and vagueness scares us. We like to have answers for everything and we want reasons.

Without reasons, it becomes hard to survive. The truth is that, not everything in life happens for a reason.  Or even if does, its usually not obvious to us at that time. May be in the future, when we find ourselves in a far away land with happiness lingering, the reasons may come to us. Or sometimes they may never come forever. 
We need courage to live reality but we need to be stronger to survive the unknown. Living with questions is also a way of life.

Read somewhere - you don't have the answer now because you have enough strength only to survive the questions.  Someday, you will find the answers.