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Thursday, July 18, 2013

A flowered Lamp Post

A little over a month ago, this lamp post is where a young man met his death in a road accident in Providence Rd, Charlotte. I just happened to cross by when I clicked the picture of the post covered in flowers. Until now, the flowers seem fresh which indicates that they are being replaced by the beloved ones of the young man.

The lamp post which has only served its purpose to spread light in the dark has now become an epitome of memory. The young man breathed his last at this lamp post, where his soul departed to the heaven. The lamp post which was an ordinary negligible post will forever be a remembrance for his beloved ones.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Art of "WAITING"

I have always observed that most of the times we spend our lives in waiting. At any point of time, we are waiting for something to happen - waiting for the call interview, waiting for the perfect soul mate, waiting for approvals, waiting for a promotion, waiting for the next big event that will, according to us, bring our life to a proper path.

Sometimes, the waiting times can be frustrating and annoying when things do not seem to happen no matter how hard you try. Most of the times, there is no trying involved - all you can do is just 'wait'. Some people give up and go about their lives making compromises and assumptions with a change of heart but there are those who are determined to wait no matter how endless it seems.

One such person who is waiting, yet for a different reason, is Amol Dalvi. This 30 year old is waiting for a glimpse of his parents who are in the missing people list formed from the Uttarakhand floods that have devastated numerous lives. Ever since he heard the news of the floods, he has made Rishikesh his temporary house.

At the crack of dawn, he wakes up and patiently waits at the bus station. As he observes every passing bus that arrives loaded with people, his eyes hungrily search for the faces of his parents. When he doesn't find them, he does the same thing all over again the next day. As he continues waiting for his parents, his faith keeps the ray of hope alive in his heart that he will meet them someday.

I know we all wait for different reasons because we all want different things from life. Each one of us knows the agony of waiting when we are waiting for something that is important to us. But somehow, I feel that Amol's wait is more different from most of us. Even as we lose patience while waiting and tend to take decisions to beat the agony of waiting, let's remember Amol who is also a victim of the endless wait.

Sometimes, a little more waiting is all that is needed. So let's learn the art of waiting as we pray for Amol.