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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

James Cameron's DeepSea Challenge ( From Titanic to deep waters)

James Cameron's contagious passion from the end of the ocean.

Fear is such an integral part of our lives that we spend almost half our lives being scared about the next thing that's to happen in our lives. Then there are those people who look fear in the face and sail beyond and far. These people also face the same fears. Being scared is natural, which humans cannot live without. Yet, how we travel past the fear is all that matters towards the end.

One such man who has been courageous enough to explore the world of his dreams is James Cameron, better known as the director of Titanic. His documentary, Deepsea challenge talks about his dives into the deepest of waters on his submarine, DeepSea Challenger. For us, the ocean is just a world of water filled with fishes and mammals. But for this man who calls himself a curious monkey, looks at the ocean as the world of his dreams. His dreams are expensive, challenging and life threatening.

Who dreams about travelling 35,000 feet into deep waters all alone in a submarine, trusting on instinct and technology to keep you safe out there? James Cameron did seem crazy to me when he spoke about this dreams on the documentary. Yet, he has been able to make them true no matter what heights he had to drive to. It takes courage to be able to dream big, it takes bigger courage to be able to set them true.

While we live our mundane lives, doing the same thing over and over, because we have been told that living normal routine life is safe, content and acceptable, there are people out there who are breaking the taboo, letting us know that lives can be completely different if we allow ourselves to be courageous enough to dream big.

James Cameron's courage has definitely made me wonder if people could really set dreams true and create a change for human life. I am enthralled by his quote when he says , "Never compromise. Not with the stuff that keeps you alive".

How many of us compromise with our dreams?