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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A dark day – Peshawar School Massacre

There are simply no words to explain what the world has just witnessed. It’s one of the darkest days we will live through and still move on with our lives. What else are common people like us are capable of? With anger and pain in our hearts, we can simply curse the utterly barbaric attack which God or the supreme power mercilessly, has allowed to materialize.

What is unimaginable is the endless, unspeakable pain of the families of the 132 children whose lives were cut short on a casual day to school. Who would have thought that a day to school would result in a mass tragedy for a huge number of families whose dreams must have been tied to their children? Some vicious venom made its way into the lives of these children and snatched away the happiness of these families, resulting in pain that will last till eternity.

Of course, the blame game has begun. But the truth is that, we all are responsible for this, as human beings. It definitely tells us that, we as humans, are far away from being called progressed human beings. It’s not the progress in technology or science or medicine or career that matters to the world. All these fields are just there to facilitate our lives. At the end of the day, what remains in our hearts is what truly matters.

Things are done. Deaths have occurred. For now, I would simply want God to give immeasurable strength for the mothers who have lost the apple of their eyes to a gun shot. This day will be marked forever in their hearts as the killing of dreams.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The ingredients for writing a book

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Have you ever wanted a book that told you everything about writing. well, here it is. I have penned down a book which talks everything about writing. But remember, any book can only show you the way. It cannot make you write but only you can do that. A book can only show you how it's done. There are plenty of books out there which describe about writing. There were some things which I never found in any books. So, I decided to write down one that can probably help someone who wants to know the business of writing.

Writing a book isn't an easy job. It requires a lot of effort from a single person to have a serious thought on a particular subject and put it down into words to produce a book. The labor of writing isn’t limited to writing alone for it involves knowledge in various other areas such as plotting, researching, editing, submitting and marketing. A writer has to possess strong command over language, has to be interested in reading all kinds of books and should have the motivation to keep himself going even when he wants to stop. A writer has to possess certain qualities to grow from being a beginner to being a well-read writer.

The book “The Ingredients for writing a book” throws light for the newbie writers who know that they want to become a writer but have no idea how to do so. A lot of people abandon their dreams when they have nobody to guide them. This book will teach writers on how to start writing a book and stay with it until it’s completed. This book is for people who have difficulty in realizing their true purpose for writing. It is aimed to help writers develop their writing style by learning the art of English grammar and implementing them in the correct technique.

This book will boost writers to generate more writing by having faith that the stories they write will definitely make a difference in the literary world.