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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The missing closure : MH370

Real life is defintely more eventful than the movies and fiction books. Though we all say that life is monotonous and that routine life is boring, nothing is more exciting and unbelievable than reality. When I first read the news stating that a flight had been lost out there, I knew that reality was horrible and at the same time,was a bitter hard truth.

With the advent of technologies and also with the involvement of major countries, it was assumed that the flight would be eventually tracked down. Now, even after two weeks of extensive search and usage of man power and technology, we are back to the same news, that there is no evidence except for the fact that we have to now believe that the flight crashed into the ocean. Of course, this is not a proper closure but it now snatches away the hope that had filled the days of the families and friends. Accepting the loss without knowing the real truth will take days to come while the world moves on focussing on things that are less mysterious.

On the other hand, this incident probably proves the fact that no matter what humans develop or no matter what heights we reach with technology, we cannot compete with mother nature. We can only improve our lives with aid of technology but we can't hope to fight against nature.

While we pray for those who died on the plane, the reality check for us is that life, as we see it, is terribly short and unpredictable. Let's try to get through each passing day with a hint of smile and hope because there is really less room for complain.