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Friday, November 13, 2009

Lost in a laugh: LOL

Laughter, I have realized, is a great thing in life. If you are a person who can laugh often consider yourself to be gifted with the greatest of assets. A person who doesn’t have much to laugh about is missing a lot in life.
I never pondered over the thought which has been an age old saying ‘laughter is the best medicine’ until one day when I didn’t have nothing to laugh at. True to words, laughter is essentially important to release bad vibes and toxins from within yourself. I have also realized that not everyone is lucky to able to laugh anytime, anywhere.
To give a hearty laugh is the best gift you can give to another person. He or she might not remember you tomorrow but people generally don’t forget those who make them laugh until their stomach aches and their eyes water.
Consider yourself lucky if you happen to be surrounded by people who make you laugh a lot. That is something which not all people get in their everyday lives. You don’t need a very solid reason to laugh about but all you need is someone who can crack silly dumb jokes. You don’t have to use much of your brains to understand a joke which is why laughter makes you light. Laugher is not a brain grinding session (I know many people who use their heads to laugh, pity them:( )
I might not have all the things which a rich man would boast about, I might not have the most luxurious things in my kitty but I still feel damn lucky to be alive each day, each minute. I have a reason to laugh daily and I also have people around me who can make me laugh which is why I don’t see myself less than the man who has become a millionaire. I am grateful to all those who made me laugh for it is laughter that colors life with memories, not money or fame or success.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Are you the one for me?

How do you know when or more particularly, who your Mr. Perfect or Ms. Perfect is? Will there be guitars in the background when you look at your beloved thinking ‘are you the one’? Will God drop a sign telling that your better half soul mate hunt has finally ended now? Will it be the time when you are drenched in rain stuck in heavy traffic in the midst of chaos, that you’ll steal glance at the one who pulls the strings of your heart? Ah! Man, only if it happened that way every single time, it would be easier to choose partners. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case, huh! You are still required to use your five senses, to check if she/he is the one and probably the sixth one too, if you have any.

Do you like him?
It can be confusing, mind crushing and brain grinding task to pick a guy who is good for you (can be more difficult when you meet the wrong ones all along). Here is a ten step scale which will let you know what you are looking for in that dream guy of yours.

1. Check if he is polite. Guys who are rude and sarcastic are less likely to be passed by girls who like gentle talks.
2. Does he treat you well? Girls usually like to start with friendship and not ‘Shall-we-go-for-a-movie’ first time he meets.
3. Ohmigod! Hope that is not the impression he gives you. Check if he smells good which will show he uses something called ‘deos’.
4. Over the phone, check if he is getting too mushy mushy. Guys who do that prove what they want from you.
5. Is he a listener? Try discussing your bad day with him. Does he lend a sympathetic ear or does he talk about the movie he saw with his pals?
6.Is he overly possessive? Some guys can’t stand even if their girl talks to just girls. Talking to guys usually leads to world war.
7. Check the way he dresses when you go out on a date. Dressing sense and body language speaks lot.
8. Also try introducing a couple of your friends. Does he try to get too close to them? Draw the line right there.
9. Does he make promises and ogles over the phone with another girl? He might justify that he is just friends with her. Chances are he is playing the fool with you and her.
10. When outside with him, does he try to get physical the first thing? If so, ask for the rest room politely and walk out from there. He just wants S-E-X.

Do you like her?
Well, even guys need an aid when it comes to choosing a better half. Follow this to avoid a bitter-half.
1. Does she throw a pass at you? If not, you could be very well wasting your time. Some girls like to let guys trot around them for no reason.
2. Am I beautiful? If this is what she talks about most time, she certainly is bothered about her gloss than global warming.
3. Check if she over reacts for the slightest jokes you make. Some girls tend to be rude at whatever you speak.
4. Is she trying to dominate you? Then move away from her right there.
5. Does she call to check if your phone is on waiting in the middle of the night? Beware; she is playing the spy-girl-friend.
6. Ok, so you were just talking to one of your colleagues the other day. But this becomes a heated argument. Girls can be extra possessive.
7. I-want-all-of-your-time. Sounds great but you have family and friends too. Does she let you go out with your folks or does she throw tantrums each time you make a plan?
8. Is she burning a hole in your wallet? Some girls tend to focus on fat wallets rather than guys of whatever size.
9. Is she too scared to speak for you? Sometimes girls tend to give in to fear as to what others think. Man, people talk all the times but we have a life too.
10. Filter out if she is the kind of girl who actually wants a relationship or is she just using you for security reasons.

Disclaimer: The above steps are just a way to know who is for you and who not. Eventually, it is up to you to decide who stays and who walks out of your life. Cheers!