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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Death- The most important Lesson

Well, I don't know why I felt like writing about Death but it's one of those things that has always made me wonder. Death is always a topic which people talk about as if it were the most terrible thing to think about. And there can't be denying; death is always terrible.
We hear that if life is born, death is inevitable. It isn't easy to accept death no matter what. To be frank, I am just 24, not a person who knows much about death. But I do know a thing or two that has been lingering on my mind for a long time.
There are two incidents that have made me think more about death. A couple of months ago, in a local train near Palghat, a 24 year old girl was raped and murdered by a handicap guy. A week ago, a bus that was carrying passengers burnt to death because of the driver's mistake.
One can see the way death comes in different forms. I kept thinking about those people who died, about the moments before their death, the terrible expressions they must have had on their faces when death came to snatch them.
Sad. I know that's the only word we can use to describe it. Worse for those people who must have lose their loved ones. It is not easy to reconcile with loss, specially when it is human loss. For days, I felt angry with death deciding to snatch away loves without a warning and sometimes making the departure very painful.
And after all this, we are told that time will heal and that things move on. Life goes on. Yes, it does. The dead are remembered by their loved ones and forgotten by the others as times moves.
Later, to calm myself I tell that this is how life works. Death cannot be controlled no matter how rich or poor or good or bad we are. But Life, the alter of death can be controlled.
Life is in our hands. When we are alive, it does matter if we are good or bad; if we are sweet or rude; if we are selfish or open hearted; if we are sad or happy. While death is anyway going to run it's hands over us, we might as well make the most of it from life. The good and the best things from life. We don't have a choice when death comes, but we do have a choice when there is life.