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Monday, March 8, 2010

of text messages n smileys....

When I entered the teenage phase of text messaging, almost all of my messages ended with a “take care, miss you dear” even when I didn’t mean it. My hands would automatically type it as of it were a form of saying goodbye. Even people texting me back used it often that I really didn’t care whether they meant it or not.

But lately there have been moments when I really want the other person to know that deep down I care for that person, that I really worry for the, that I want that person to be fine in whatever situation, that when I say ‘take care’, it’s like asking that person to safeguard themselves so that I can stay worry free. Because of the distance and time constraints these days, it’s impossible to meet your friends, so it’s obvious that we all tend to rely on the most attached-to-human gadget, the mobile.
You can’t see the person but we have adapted ourselves to express our emotions through calls and messages and smileys which can talk a million things about how you feel. It’s almost magical how much a smiley can express what you want to convey.
It was only when I wanted to express my deep felt feelings to the person sitting miles across from me, did I understand that text messages are not just text messages. They are the stuff that are formed by your emotions which are transferred into text to be told to another. Messages tell a million things about what you feel and think.

Well, I have made it a point not to take text messages for grant cos when I say ‘take care’, I really mean it; I really want you to take care of yourself for me. I have changed my perspective of thinking that smileys and messages are for time pass cos they are the stuff that tells the other person that I am thinking of them right now.

Cheers to be a part of the text messages and smiley cosmos….