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Thursday, April 26, 2012

One for the country - Country for?

I don't usually take interest in Politics because half the time I don't have time (the lamest excuse!) and half the time I don't care. I do care for people but politics is such a waste of time that it hardly makes sense. However, I was drawn towards one piece of news that read "Collector Abducted" which initially went ignored because I assumed it was one of those boring pieces which news channels flash because they think you ought to know everything that is aired.
The more I read, the news intrigued me further. For those who haven't got a chance to read, here it is, skimmed version though.

Alex Paul Menon, a collector had visited Raipur to have a conversation with the tribal group out there when another group famously known as Maoists shot down his guards and kidnapped him. Right now, he is held captive by some 500 Maoists. The collector is known to be asthmatic which came to light after his newlywed wife, Asha [three months pregnant] appealed to the nation and Maoists to release him quickly. Meanwhile, the government has assigned a committee who are supposedly to be the mediators to have talks with the Maoists to ensure how their demands (to free other Maoists friends) can be met.

While the newspapers and news channels have been groping at every piece of information regarding the abduction, the collector or the Maoists to keep us informed every minute, my thoughts flutter to the collector and his wife. It must be horrible for the wife to know that her husband is in such a perishable situation and the uncertainties must have robbed her sleep and any thought of happiness. Of course, she is trying her best to stay strong throughout (I do hope she continues the same). While we do know her state, we don't have any news about her husband.

Even as the wife and the family survive through the depressing hours, there isn't been much progress regarding the collector's release. I am sure the government and all the other people who claim to be helping the collector are doing their best. What makes me wonder is that why do people who actually take up responsibility for the country have to face this?

This abduction will only lead aspirants (who do care for the country) to return to their shells because people treasure safety more than their dreams. However negative the situation gets, it's best to stay positive and hope for the best. Let's wait for the news channels to air the good news at least for once.