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Friday, November 8, 2013

The “J’ feeling that creeps from nowhere….

Oh, the mixture of endless feelings that stir up a human heart. With a heart that beats constantly, we humans have been gifted with a constant free-flow of feelings as well. Deny as you might, at every second, you are “feeling” something or the other. And yes, you have choices out here as you can choose from a different variety of feelings.

Even when you decide to choose a feeling, most of the times a feeling just springs up and tugs at your heart even before you could be warned of it. So does the feeling of being ‘J’ that rents a space in your mind and heart when you least need it. While some feelings make you feel heavenly good, there are some which are designed to make you feel miserable and wretched. Yeah, blame the wonders of the man above!

There is more. There are some feelings that make you feel evil, spiteful, devilish, wicked, sinful, vicious…oh, the dictionary has a number of words for a feeling. But yeah, I know you are denying feeling any of those because we all want to feel saintly. Yet, the mother of all these feelings – jealousy has definitely crept into your head at least once like an uninvited, uncalled guest.

When you see that friend of yours marrying an attractive hot female whom you have only dreamt off, when your neighbor ends up owning the latest Mercedes, when your colleague grabs the latest I-phone model…omg, you say, it’s going to be hard ignoring the ‘J’ feeling if such people exist around you who somehow meddle with life’s challenges and end up being on the receiving end unlike you, who is still strolling on the wishing end.

Welcome to the ways of life. Now is the time to invite the grandmother of all feelings, Good. Yeah, as simple as it sounds, feeling “good” will come to your rescue when you tangle your heart and mind into the web of ‘J’ feeling. When you try to apply the feeling of goodness, you will see the difference that calms your peace of mind.

Next time, if your driver wears a Rado watch, you will triumphantly crush the ‘J’ feeling and replace it will the good feeling because you will also get what you need. Someday. Somewhere. For now, you can float in your dreams.