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Sunday, February 12, 2012

To die or to kill?

When I read the news article about a fifteen year old boy from Chennai who murdered his 37 year old Hindi teacher repeatedly with a knife (the actual word used was ‘stabbed’) in the midst of the school premises, I didn’t know what to think. And then, as my mind began to digest the piece of information, a series of questions began to float inside my head. Are we shocked because a fifteen year old committed the murder? Are we surprised that a young boy would go to the extremes of being violent? Did something go wrong from the teacher’s part that drove the child to this extreme? I call him a child, though his actions do not equal the description, but we have been told that until a person reaches 18, they are kids.

Obviously, the fifteen year old is no more called a child, because he had the nerve to commit a sin so dreadful that has shocked the country. What untrusting anger or adrenalin distilled mind he must have possessed that he picked up the knife to stab his teacher’s body? A part of me tells that parents are to be blamed here because they did not prepare the boy for the world; instead, they prepared him only for a blood spilling arena.

Uncontrollable anger can have its results in the most gruesome method such as this which can now possibly give courage to those who have been controlling so far. It’s definitely an unacceptable offence but one cannot blame the boy as a whole.

Another incident that came to light two days after the murder was a death of another 15 year old who hanged himself from the fan. Reason: Exam pressure. The contrasting extremes of the two boys; one who murdered and the one who killed himself shows that the upbringing of children definitely needs immediate attention.

There are two set of parents- those who pamper their kids to such an extent that the child is unable to accept the worldly rules and those who pressurize their children for marks and not caring about the child’s mental state.
One can only pray that these saddening events will awaken parents to nurture their children in the right way where emotions are balanced because imbalance has obviously showed its consequence.