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Friday, November 13, 2009

Lost in a laugh: LOL

Laughter, I have realized, is a great thing in life. If you are a person who can laugh often consider yourself to be gifted with the greatest of assets. A person who doesn’t have much to laugh about is missing a lot in life.
I never pondered over the thought which has been an age old saying ‘laughter is the best medicine’ until one day when I didn’t have nothing to laugh at. True to words, laughter is essentially important to release bad vibes and toxins from within yourself. I have also realized that not everyone is lucky to able to laugh anytime, anywhere.
To give a hearty laugh is the best gift you can give to another person. He or she might not remember you tomorrow but people generally don’t forget those who make them laugh until their stomach aches and their eyes water.
Consider yourself lucky if you happen to be surrounded by people who make you laugh a lot. That is something which not all people get in their everyday lives. You don’t need a very solid reason to laugh about but all you need is someone who can crack silly dumb jokes. You don’t have to use much of your brains to understand a joke which is why laughter makes you light. Laugher is not a brain grinding session (I know many people who use their heads to laugh, pity them:( )
I might not have all the things which a rich man would boast about, I might not have the most luxurious things in my kitty but I still feel damn lucky to be alive each day, each minute. I have a reason to laugh daily and I also have people around me who can make me laugh which is why I don’t see myself less than the man who has become a millionaire. I am grateful to all those who made me laugh for it is laughter that colors life with memories, not money or fame or success.


AJai said...

Nice one. Ya everyone needs a good laugh everyday. it would be nice na to count the number of laughs you've had in your life. i'm sure the number will be quite stupefying. each time you're off mood... you're bound to look at that no and laugh at it. :D

chital_phenomenal said...

hey thanks Ajai! laughter is truly great..

Pri said...

yes at the end of it all, u just want to have around, people who u can share a good laugh with :)

laughter is truly the best medicine!

Srivats said...

Lovely write up, laughter is the best medicine and as your last paragraph says so is a simple lif , if lived that way can be heaven on earth.

May I request you to put a image of your book and link to buy the same in your blog page ?

Thanks for visiting me :)