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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dealing with problems

Most of us who are leading worry –free happy lives have our own problems which we haven’t considered discussing with anyone. Instead, most people choose to pretend as if nothing is wrong and learn to live with the problems. Though problems are a part of our lives, it certainly doesn’t mean that we let them rule our lives forever. One day or the other, you’ll have to stand up and say – Problem, I don’t want you in my life.

Of course, we have been fighting troubles ever since we were born. Issues with friends, parents, girl friends, boyfriends, spouses, and children – the list goes on. Apart from these, the inner conflicts within ourselves that outline our feelings such as low self-esteem, low confidence, loss of faith, inferiority complex, nervousness – these keep adding to our already existing problems.

Bad news is that problems come in different shapes and sizes and colors and feelings and situations. Good news is that ALL problems can be solved. Now breathe a sigh of relief and read on to know how to solve your problems.

Talk, it really helps- What most of us think is that our problem can be understood only by us and that no amount of talking is going to help. Know this – when you talk about your problem to a person, don’t expect that person to understand. Instead, when you talk about it, you are releasing the negative energies that’s been mounting within you. Talking helps you move on and let go.

Write your problems – Having a journal or a personal diary can also be of huge help if you don’t want a real person to talk with. When you write down your problems, you are venting out all the frustration and tension from your system. You can try flushing away the paper in which you wrote your problems. By doing this, imagine yourself flushing away the problems from your life.

Relax and think – More often than not, when problems mount, we forget thinking. Instead, we choose to panic and stay glum. Teach yourself to relax in situations that demand your focused attention. When you relax, the answers become more clear and obvious.

Don’t lose faith and hope – No matter what you lose in life; do not lose faith and hope. Even if you lose all your money, family, friends and career, you should still have faith. You say that sounds crazy. How can a person still have faith after losing everything? That’s the magical part. With faith and hope, you can rebuild everything that you lose.

Your problems are not the worst- No matter what problem you get in life, there are another one million people whose problems are huger than yours. Tell yourself – when they can deal with them, why can’t I? Your problems might just seem big and worse, but in reality they can be removed.

Go about and solve your problems because every problem, however big or small, always has a solution.

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