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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Importance of NOW

When I thought about posting a post today, I didn't have anything in mind, no interesting news article to write about or any incident to talk about. But there are a few interesting things about life that I would like share. I found this below passage from one of my fellow blogger's post which is very thought provoking. I liked it so much that I became tempted to borrow it from his blog.

"Within you is a stillness that is bursting with energy, a moment of silence full of potential. Within you is a place which knows fear is an illusion and therefore anything is possible. Beneath all the stories of this world is the universal story, the realization of how we are each connected to all existence. This is not an idea, a moment, a place or even a feeling; it simply is. It is the Now."

When I read this I realized that most of us worry about out past or the future than the present. Of course, this isn't a new mantra to us cos we have been hearing since ages that humans should give importance to the present circumstances. I partially agree with this because it's practically impossible not to linger on the past moments or not think about what the future will bring. I do believe that one cannot move ahead if he lives completely in the past or the future for NOW is very important.

The moment NOW is very divine and sacred for it in this moment that you can decide what it is you want to become and turn it into action, it is in this moment that you can tell your loved ones how much you love them, it is in this moment that you can give your dream the shape it deserves and it is in this moment you can ask for forgiveness.

NOW is something which is common between all of us. We all share the same NOW, the only difference is how each one of us makes use of that NOW. You can either ignore the NOW and become a loser or understand NOW and change your life. The choice is always and always yours.

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