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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Two girls eloped- Did you know that?

I am kind of not happy with the news bits which newspaper TOI posts because some of the news items seem to be a mockery of Indian public, or I would rather say too revealing about a person’s intimate details. Of course, the tag “the citizens have the right to know everything” must be their motto. Damn that. Who I am to care anyway? I’ll just come to my point.

I just read this bit “Two girls elope, marry each other in Bihar” a couple of days back in a cornered section of TOI. And the comment section seemed to be more interesting. I picked a few of them and posted them below. You should see how concerned some people are.

“Times are changing! live with it people!” – Yeah, we should learn to accept the changing times. Whoever didn’t say that!

“When the two fight, which one of them is going to use the WOMEN FRIENDLY LAWS of India?”- Wow, this one does seem concerned about one hilarious problem.

“It's their life and let them decide their ways to happiness? Who are we to determine their rightness or wrongness? Request to media to follow the story as to protect them from social butchery.”- The voice of reason which we have heard a dozen times before. Yawn, pass on.

“It seems lesbianism is fast catching up with Indian women as they have lost all faiths with their male counterparts who always have exploited them.”- Gee, now the males finally have a real issue they have to wonder about.

So, you see the “Gay” concept no longer raises eyebrows because we are seeing gays and lesbians being portrayed in movies and just about everywhere. They are now a part of our lives. Yeah, I know a thousand people over there are denying it. Some people find it challenging the laws of nature, some find it disgusting, some have accepted, some want to ignore it, some detest it, some want to keep analyzing it….phew, people do have a hundred points of view for a topic. May be that’s why we are called humans.

Even as we try and argue passing our judgments, one thing is clear and obvious. Our generation is changing, be it for good or bad. The last time I read a news, it was about a boy eloping with a girl. And now, it’s a girl eloping with a girl. I guess, we better get used to the ways of life until we get new subjects for our arguments.

Meanwhile, we are gonna be like this for a decade – husssh, did you hear that? A girl ran away with a girl. My grandma nearly had a heart attack. What’s gonna happen to this world?

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