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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

That moment when I turned into a messenger!

Each month, I eagerly wait for the next issue of Reader’s digest because that’s the only magazine I have managed to be regular at. That’s also the only magazine I never grow tired of reading. I always end up finding something interesting.

This time, in the February issue (yeah, it comes way too early), I flapped through the pages skimming through my favorite sections first and then coming to the detailed ones later. There is an interesting yet short section called ‘Finish the sentence’. Reader’s digest publishes a prompt to complete a partial sentence each issue after which responses are published in subsequent issues.

In this issue, one response that caught my attention was this, “For one day, I would like to trade places with….. my autistic child, just to see the world through his eyes.” For some reason, I felt that the writer whoever had sent the response must have had her share of pain in life. And simply wanted to see the universe through her autistic child’s eyes to understand his world better.

I found it to be thoughtful, filled with plain love. The next instant, I reached out to the writer on Facebook to let her know that I liked her response. She was surprised that she had been published (she had probably sent the response months ago and forgotten all about it). She sounded excited when she learnt that she was published.

After exchanging our goodbyes, I wondered if I were chosen to be a messenger to her in that particular moment just to give her the news. It made me think that we all are, probably, messengers in some way to each other. It’s just that we don’t really know it all the time.

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