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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Has anybody realized the importance of having the word “ex” in our lives? Of course, the word is used in English vocabulary, as is the norm. Nevertheless, the Y- generation would apply it probably in almost everyday lives. The word “ex” plays a very important role in our day-to-day activities.

We do not know who invented it but the word “ex” found its way to mean something that is previous or occurred previously in our life. We can see people talking about their EX’es even in their present life. Everybody seems to have had an “ex” in his or her life before settling for a permanent one. People constantly seem to be in discussions about their ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, ex-wives, ex-friends, ex-husbands, ex-affairs, ex-relationships, ex-bosses, ex-families and so much of “ex” seems to be in their lives.

Do people get tired so easily that they replace each other as if they would change mobile phones or the color of the walls to be painted or change jobs?
People have become so intolerable to accept the indifferences that lie in the other person. Are we in the search of perfection? Though we know that nobody is perfect, how can we possibly seek for a perfect person or a perfect job or a perfect relationship?

One can detect two problems here with the present generation, which is showing a dramatic advancement in technology and also relationships. Firstly, we do not seem to be satisfied with what life offers us and are in the constant urge of getting more and better which is why we end up skipping for people and relationships. Secondly, we get tired of routine that forces us to see the same people everyday. Instead of making oneself interesting, we tend to change people to suit ourselves so that life can be interesting.

Things can work in the order of being worn out and could be replaced but it does not and should not apply with people. The rules, which were laid down by our ancestors of having only one companion for a whole life, seems to be losing out. It is not that difficult to stay with one person unless of course they start treating each other like human beings instead of things that need to be replaced.

The “ex” factor should be ruled out from relationships and it is time people stop accumulating a list of Ex’es. Being bugged with gadgets or the same costume can be acceptable but lives would be better if people, instead of being bugged from each other, would spend their time in understanding each other.

I hope that people would rather talk about the present lives than talking about the “‘ex’ es” as it is not going to lead us anywhere. Changing ourselves would help us in a great deal instead of running around for the right one and having an ‘ex’ beside us.


Harish Govardhan said...

Very well written. Echoes the sentiment of very few souls still living in this farce world. Great start to a new innings in blogging! :)

5.vivek.verma said...

Again very good writing!!! its very true that we spent so much time on the past thing and forget about present. life is in present only and we cann't change the things that has happend already but we can learn from our mistakes and try to make it present better..I belive that life is a journey towards perfection and nobudy is perfect except god. we all are living the life and trying to be the perfect so that we can found the god..

good thinking..keep it up...