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Monday, June 29, 2009

On being "GAY"

When I first heard something called “Gay” being into existence, I was like yuk, yuk, yuk. It sounded filthy to even imagine homosexual relationships. I was like, what??? A guy in love with a guy!!! The first question that popped into my head was how do they have kids??? Ain’t something going against the practice of man and woman taking forward the human race for generations to come?

It was the time when homosexual couples were kinda OK in the west but a complete no-this-isn’t-happening-in-India-ever attitude publicized by the Indians. Gays were not given equal rights and were looked upon with contempt. Looking at this, I was convinced that this Gay thing will surely drive humans to extinction. I decided that Gays were disrupting the natural course of human existence and that they should be given treatment to think straight.

Think straight!!! Whoa, it was us who were not thinking straight. On pondering over the thought, I felt who are we to decide the choice of sexual orientation of any human being on earth. Just because, somebody ages ago came up with a rule that man and women are supposed to have sex, where was it written that a man could not and should not love another man? Nowhere, but it is written in our minds that being Gay is a sin.

The saying holds true for almost anything “Nothing is permanent”. So, when I say nothing, I mean the hatred towards the whole Gay issue is not going to last forever. Down the line, ten years later, Gays will already have found a place to survive in the human race. Count me on that.

When we know that we are not the decision makers for ones’ choice of sexual partner, why not let them live in peace than making it any worser? Get the point that nobody chooses to be a Gay by purpose but it is just the way they are, the way we are straight.

Let’s not make it any tougher for them by giving a hard time. We are already in a stage where interference in another’s life is not even a thinkable option so let us allow things to rest.

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Anonymous said...

mature. keep it up.