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Saturday, September 19, 2009

An ode to friendship

Staying alone can sometimes feel really great especially when you are on your own with nobody to bother you with anything to do. It’s an awesome feeling to stay independent without having anybody to shout orders or thump their expectations on you.

That was me trying to live life to the fullest thinking I could handle everything on my own. That was me thinking that I was an independent girl who could face all the situations single handedly. Well, I was not entirely wrong. I have become a person who can actually lead a life without depending on anybody for anything and I was proud of the fact that I was living the word ‘independent’ with each passing day.

Things were perfectly fine. A smooth life is what one can expect for from the fates and mine was the kind which one would envy to live for. I had everything one could ask for from life. But sometimes, even when you have the best of everything you can feel the emptiness clinging to your heart.

I had all the materialistic things I could dream of but I lacked the most crucial part of life. Friendship. I had people who wanted to care for me, who craved for my company, who wanted to share their happiness with me but I turned them down quite selfishly. Though I had reached the stage where maturity is said to grow in a person automatically, I realized I needed experiences to teach me the value of people.

Then came a time when loneliness, which once seemed like a blessing felt like a curse. I missed being cared, missed being a part of a gang, and missed being called for holidays even when I didn’t have the mood, missed being with people called friends.

When realization dawns, there always a way. It’s not too late to change yourself when you really know what you want from life. Since then, I have understood the value of having friends in my life. They are not the ones who are there only to add happiness but they are those gifts who become your family when you don’t have one, they share your sadness as if it were their own, they listen to your silly problems which can be actually silly, they add life to your years which can never be replaced.

I want to thank all those people who considered me worthy enough to be their friend, who cared for me when I least understood the meaning of being there for each other, who laughed with me without holding any expectations and those who taught me what life is when friends are around.

Thank you.


feershad said...

wow thts great..ur statements are very touching. and that last paragraph of u.me too can understand the value of frienship,the words u have stated is really good,caring of your friends it comes from the heart,eventhough some friend have doubt about this that r their friend really caring for them or not,nice to have u as a friend chital...u r doing great ..keep smiling... :)
with loads of care

chital_phenomenal said...

hey thanks Feershad!!!