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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Should I say ‘NO’?

Things have been pretty smooth in my life from very long until one day I began to ponder that a smooth life is actually very boring. I knew this was what I had asked for. No people to bother me, a room just for me (luckily I don’t have room matesJ), extended space whenever asked and no attachments whatsoever. That is my idea of perfect life having not too many people to stick around me which gives me ample time for writing and reading. But solitude is not my cup of tea for long. I do have my own set of friends who are there for me whenever I need while I try hard to reciprocate the same. Sometimes, I can be really hard on people.

Now, just when I thought that I had settled in my life with the perfect set of people and perfect schedule, I get a roomie. Wow! (ugggggggggh, I am groaning inside). That was the last thing I needed. Well, anyway there was this girl who landed from a southern part of southern India who wore this look of calmness and innocence that could draw anyone but not me. I was too busy to notice new people in my life. I genuinely do not have the time for new ones. Cos I felt it was hard enough to find time for the old friends, new ones would just raise expectations. That was something I never wanted.

She, my new room mate, stayed calm for a week watching my activities which included returning from office, staying on calls, working on my lappy, stay on late night calls and drift off to sleep, get up next morning, rush to the bathroom, rush through the morning blues to get dressed up and land in office. (So you notice I don’t have time for new people physically or virtually). But one Friday, conversation struck between us and I thought it was not wrong to know another new person for a while.

What happened in the next few days baffled me completely. My room mate turned out to be the most talkative person on earth. Man, was I losing patience? She could talk for ages about life, love, religion and philosophy. Now, philosophy was the last thing I needed after a hectic day at office. Only when I had forced myself to switch off my mobile world to spare time for writing, my passion, she would spring to life to have night discussions.

I lack the ability to say no. For a while, I still tolerated what she had to say until realized it was she who needed more people to talk to. I, on the other hand, had enough in my life already. Pity worked for while but later on, I gave her the sign that I was simply too busy for late night philosophy. And here I am on my schedule back again. I do think if I have hurt her somewhere but then I can’t help it. It is not possible to be available for all people you meet, can you?

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AJai said...

Finally found you. Your site doesn't show up on you Google friend profile... check it out.

Comin back to ur post... i think u should be more open to meeting new people... i love meeting new ppl... yes there are the umpteen times whn after i've met somebody i wish i could shut him or her with a cork. but that's a rarity.
i think u should handle ppl with a lil more tact. being brutally honest is nice but it can cause hurt some times. i don't think intentionally we would want to hurt anybody.