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Thursday, January 7, 2010

My battle with an ulcer

I was just trying to gobble up an entire plate of bhel poori when I experienced the most painful moment of my life. I just couldn’t have any more of my favorite dish because it was my mouth ulcer that was probing with pain each time something spicy went inside my mouth.

Reluctantly, I resorted myself to all that contained only sugar, water or salt. In short, I was living on a diet which only patients consumed. That was not all. For a week, not only had I difficulty with food but I even had a tough time with talking to people. I was living the life of a dumb person trying to communicate in a sign language. And when my friends couldn’t understand a thing, I was like ‘God save meeeeee’. It was in this instant I realized how hard it must be for the dumb to communicate across and how frustrating when the person opposite doesn’t seem to understand.

And so it went on a week, me trying to battle the mouth ulcer with numerous tips given by my close pals and the google also.

1. Gargle with salt water thrice a day( I did and it just hurt like hell)
2. Change your toothpaste which doesn’t contain sodium laureth sulphate ( I dutifully dumped my toothpaste to get a new one)
3. Consume Vitamin B complex tablets (I did- I can’t write the side effects hereJ)
4. Have ounces of water ( and stay in the loo)
5. Have some age old primitive greens ( which tastes like yuk )

After all this, the ulcer would remain stuck to my mouth hurting me at every possible encounter with food and forcing me to use the sign language as often as possible. Man that was one hell of a week of my life.

Anyway, one night, after the thought of me having mouth cancer crowded my mind, with horrible imagination of dying without reason entered, I knew I had to see the doctor.

The doctor’s visit was one hilarious experience. The doc who seemed not more than 50, dashed out a list of tablets and ointments which burnt a hole of 300 rupees in my pocket. I wouldn’t have worried about the money. What got me worried was that he declared the ulcer as a ‘STRESS ULCER’. I wanted to laugh right away, but I didn’t. I knew I hadn’t taken stress so hard to give myself an ulcer. I wondered then, if stress could give an ulcer, three fourth of the world’s population would have been affected by a mouth ulcer.

It was only after the doc’s visit that I actually developed stress but miraculously the next day, the ulcer started diminishing to my utter surprise. What worked is not known to me but I will never forget the stress ulcer which gave me the utmost stress.


Srivats said...

I used to get this often the best medicine is Riboflaving tablet and its not even drug its a vitamin , hope u are feeling better now.

AJai said...

You know somethin funny. Never in my life have I had an ulcer. Touch wood. Yes your head will do. ;).

But seriously, to avoid it just eat right. It must be hell when you can't eat anything. Get better soon. :)

chital_phenomenal said...

@ Srivats
gee.. i wish i knew this earlier.. wil surely remember next time.. thanks
thnx Ajai. feeling better now..:)

Srivats said...

This was told to me by a dentist whom shared the seat next to me in air.

Its a vitamin somtimes the body need, in my case a constant supply was needed it seems, which I didnot know until then.

But u may also try glycerol a very cheap , sweet liquid kind of medicine that can be applied over the mouth. U may even gargle oil and eat a special type of green called "Agathi keerai" Not sure whats it name in english :(

Issam said...

Lolz... Thats one hell of an ulcer experience... :)