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Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiti's sorrow!!!

The day since the news of the Haiti earthquake broke out blaring in all the news channels and newspapers, I had been thinking of writing down a post about the quake. But today I suddenly felt , may be I shouldn’t write cos I don’t know how is it to see your family dying beside you, I don’t know how is it to see buildings crumble upon you, I don’t know how is it to see people dying around you without food, I don’t know how is it to see bodies being scattered all over, I don’t know how is it to see the dead being mass buried without a decent burial, I don’t know how is it to die at heart and live and I don’t know what is it when one day you wake up to find the world turned upside down.
I won’t tell that yes, I can feel the pain of what lakhs of homeless people are facing out there because I know I or you are here and not there. The pictures in the news channels and papers are very disturbing. In a Hindu paper, a picture of a man dumping bodies was shown. The dead can’t even hope for a better grave. Nature has shown its worst form of fury but why Haiti? Nobody can or has questioned Nature’s doings. We see, we cry, we fear but we live again. Life moves on no matter what comes upon.
Let us join to pray homage to those who are suffering the loss of loved one out in Haiti. Let us pray for God to give them strength and the mind to accept what is gone however painful it may seem. Let us pray for the dead for their souls to rest.
All said, I still feel I can’t feel the real pain which has created numbness all over Haiti. I just hope to cling on to this quote.

‘There has never been any darkness that has never given to light’


Issam said...

Very sorrowful indeed... Once can only pray... Like you said, we can never know their pains... Its too much to even imagine...
Let's cling on to your quote...
God bless us all!

Srivats said...

My heart goes out to everyone in pain, God bless