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Friday, February 12, 2010

Music for soul

Music, I have come to believe, is a great healer for the mind and heart. One for the oldest forms of art, it is but a great oceanic creation. It is almost magical what a beautiful piece of music can do to your senses. It can lift your mood no matter how low you feel, how lost or bad you feel. It transforms you to a completely different cosmos where you are only what you want to be. The transformation is a mesmerizing experience, one that pulls at the strings of your heart.

Have you ever thought of how wonderful is the world of music? The music which seeps into your ears trying to arouse a thousand different feelings in one moment is purely a moments of bliss. It allows you to relate your concerns, worries, feelings, expressions and hesitations through music. So, never lose interest from music for it speaks your heart.

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Srivats said...

I so know what you have writtern here, Music is great healer and I hang on to it these days :)