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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why you should fall in love IMMEDIATELY….

Life is already so complicated that we, humans, make it even more worse with our thought process. One of the thoughts that make our lives miserable is the word ‘COMPARE’. Endless comparison with our neighbor, our friend, our colleague, our family and our spouse also!!!

There are two sides to a coin and also comparison. You can either feel good or bad about comparison.

Scene 1: Imagine you’re walking down the road. A poor man shabbily dressed wearing his brightest smile passes you. Immediately, you bless yourself because you have the comforts of being fully clothed and you obviously ignore his smile.

Scene 2: Imagine you’re walking down the same road. A rich man dressed in one of his best blazers crosses you in his black royal Mercedes wearing a glum look. You’re disappointed because you don’t own a car or a blazer but you obviously ignore the glum look because you don’t care. All you care is about what you don’t have.

So you see how comparison makes you feel bad and good, of course, it’s only temporary. These good and bad feelings keep fluctuating throughout the day when you mentally keep comparing yourself with every other person you meet.

“Oh, she doesn’t have enough money. I am lucky.”
“Man, I wonder how he bought that smartphone. I wish I had the money.”
“Gosh, I can’t believe she lost so much weight. Being beside her makes me feel huge.”
“Looks like she is gaining color on her face. I should start doing something as well.”

These are just some random thoughts which pops into our heads when we ‘COMPARE’ ourselves with every other person you meet. Imagine if you do this all day. Wouldn’t your head burst with these crazy thoughts? Guess what, even if you’re not aware of it, you are doing it throughout the day without thinking.

And for the better part, if you decide to stop shuttling your heart and mind between these seemingly unreal temporary good and bad feelings, there is actually a way to feel good about yourself ALL THE TIME. Yes, you heard it right. All the bloody time!!!

It’s a really simple mantra. You just have to fall in love with….YOURSELF. And when you do that, you don’t bother yourself about levelling yourself with another person because you know that you are the best and that nobody can be like you.

Even after reading his, you are whining under your skin, thinking how is it possible to feel good about oneself all the time. Yes, you have to feel good ALL THE TIME. It’s hard, because we all want to be different people so you will need practice to fall in love with yourself.

“But, I am so fat. These skinny looking girls make me feel inferior.” – Tell yourself, “Screw them. There are many fat people who have been famous. Moreover, there are better problems in life to think about than worrying all the time about being fat.”

“She makes more money than I do.” – Tell yourself, “Am I not happy with what I have? If not, I should be working harder. If yes, then I should ignore others and start being happy.”

“He is luckier than me. He got all things easily in life.”- Tell yourself, “I am in this situation because God thought I would learn something. I can be equally lucky if I start treating myself lucky.”

Phew! I can give endless examples but I guess you get the idea. There is really is no time for fretting and brooding with the limited time that we have on earth. You may as well learn to accept for what you are by simply falling in love because every human being is EXTRAORDINARY.

You are SPECIAL.

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