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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

You need courage to kill....

It seems to be the week of bad news. One of the highest rated bad news is always death. Death of any kind has always been the topic of discussion. First, the death of director Rituparna Ghosh, then the death of actor Abir Goswami followed by the apparent suicide of Jiah Khan.

Death, whether it is untimely or accidental or staged, turns down to just one emotion – sadness. Accidental untimely deaths come with a package of their own pain and sadness which becomes hard to accept. But when death is chosen, it becomes an altogether different scenario.

Yesterday, I glanced through the Times of India edition. First, I read the suicide of Jiah Khan who hanged herself at the age of 25 after suffering from trauma and depression. I read it first because it was a highlighted news, given that she was an actress.
The other two news articles that put me off were these:

Girl kills herself after mother scolds for breaking a mobile phone.

Teenage girl kills herself when refused to attend pal’s wedding.

These news articles made me wonder if the teenage of our generation are turning out to be a weaker pillar of the nation. Apparently, it seems that of all the options, suicide seems to be an easier outage for these children. And let me tell you this – while you need a certain amount of courage to achieve great heights in life, you need double the courage to actually kill yourself.

Looks like the teenagers as young as 12 or 14 seem to have the courage to kill themselves over a mobile phone or the refusal of not being able to attend pal’s wedding or an exam failure or a love proposal or just plain depression. Emotionally, these children are not stable as they lack acceptance to the situation. Yet, they had the necessary mental preparation to take their own lives.

They say its weakness to commit suicide because those who run away from problems are the cowards. I refuse to agree with this because I believe deep down, you need an extra nerve to actually pull the noose around your neck. For normal people, the very thought itself can send shivers. I shudder at the thought myself.

These children, who are courageous enough to kill themselves, if for a moment, had they thought about applying the same courage to the situation they faced, life would have turned out differently for them. It’s not just about having courage to do something big in life. But it’s about applying the courage in the proper direction.

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