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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My take on why Netflix is a gift!

When I first came to the states, I always found ways to complain by comparing it with my motherland, India. That’s right; your country suddenly comes first when you step outside of it. But then, I learnt to look at the good things in the new land as well (I still complain though, old habits die hard :)).

One of the good stuff is Netflix. Darn, I know there are plenty other things one can think about other than watching fast, uninterrupted, extremely clear video streaming, ain’t it? But that’s the pretty thing about Netflix, where you can watch a good number of series on different genres. I usually don’t go about talking nice even about the things that are good because I am one of those people who let other people discover things by themselves.

For some reason, Netflix has been such a huge part of my life for a long time that I thought it would be fun to let someone know that there is some amazing stuff in the bunch of video streaming series. Of course, they have movies too; a lot of crappy ones- makes me wonder why they have in there in the first place. But the good part is that they have an amazing collection of series that suits all your moods.

Some of the best ones that I have watched are- Prison break (extreme thrilling experience), Arrested Development, Mellisa and Joey, The office, Ally McBeal, How I met your mother, The IT crowd (a bunch of rib tickling hilarious stuff) and The killing (all murder and blood) and many more which I am yet to discover.

The most important part is that we all are looking for something that makes us feel good at the end of the day. One of the things about watching these series, the good ones, is that it lets you a peek into how easy lives could be if we simply had a sense of humor, a mad- exaggerated sense of humor.

Nonetheless, I shall refrain from judging the place and follow – take what you get and enjoy the little fruits life has to offer.

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Siddharth NC said...

Agreed! I didn't even bother getting cable until a month before when our landlord sponsored it for us! :) I swear by ad-free cheap access to incredible choice of stuff to watch!