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Friday, June 6, 2014

What would you take to bed each night?

One of the things about life is that, than us being able to give out, we have to be able to take from life as well. Taking is just not about having materialistic comforts because there is a lot that you can take just by looking at another person. As humans, it's hard to feel happy when your neighbor or friend has everything going on in his life unlike you who has to wait for things to happen. Well, you could disagree telling that you most certainly are happy for your friends but you definitely would not deny the little twinge that you feel when the other appears to be lucky in everything he does. That's human nature, to feel unlucky and unhappy by looking at a successful person. You don't have to be miserable or guilty about that.

We can actually turn the tables of our life and realize why it is more important to see another person happy. For our own growth, it is essential to be around people who have everything going. As bad as it sounds, there are times when we try to keep away from people who seem to be happy all the time. I mean, it is annoying to have things not moving at all in your life while being around someone who enjoys all the fruits of life. We tend to stay away from such people just to ease the pain of our lives.

Instead of turning away, when we start to look around and hope for another person's happiness, we start believing that good things can happen to us also, someday. And each one of us needs that belief to keep us moving ahead to know that one day, what we want will happen. It is important for us to believe that when our neighbor or friend gets lucky in life, we will also touch the stars, someday.

Each night, you can chose what you want to take to bed from life so that the next coming day brings hope. And hope is a small word that can create a huge difference.

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