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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Being a girl in an Indian home

Now, this is not the kind of topic which I would talk about on a pleasant sunny day but what the heck? I have stopped looking for seasons to wake up the writer bug inside me ever since I realized that the world is filled with issues that one has to stop looking for the right time to discuss. And when one of my friends asked me to write on this topic, I was like I should take the privilege to talk for an Indian girl.

So here I am writing about how is it to survive in an Indian home as a GIRL!!! Well, I would not rule out that as a bad option on the basis of me being one and I know it’s not that bad at all. India has grown from the transition of being a girl child welcomer from an anti-girl baby ogre.
This is quite a transformation which of course took ages and lessons for the Indians to learn to grasp the idea that girls need not and should not be a taboo in homes.
Playing a female role in an Indian home is quite an experience. Despite some Indians having an aversion towards the girl child community, there are still a number if Indians who treat the females in par with a Goddess.

She is showered with all love and care. Though always treated minor to a male, an Indian girl is taught to be emotionally strong. Sometimes, so strong that she can tolerate any kind of treatment to the maximum. She can also avenge if been asked to walk against her values and ideals.

Gone are those times when an Indian girl was shunned to study further or was not able to choose a life partner of her choice. She is not just the “Home maker” anymore. Times are changing tremendously laying an impact on the minds of Indian regarding the female right of way.

She is still allowed to make all her dreams come true, still allowed to touch the sky, still allowed to fly high in the air but at the end of the day she is expected to remember that she always has a parent or a spouse or a child waiting for her. She has responsibilities to fulfill as an Indian girl is taught to love her family, to take care of them, to be there whenever needed no matter how important her world of dreams mean to her.

Fighting against all the challenges imposed in an Indian home, the lady of today has learnt to balance her dreams, her passions and interests without having to compromise on her family errands.

I would say I am lucky to be a girl in an INDIAN home.

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