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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The ‘F’ ffffffff Word

I was not too well versed in usage of English fowl slang but my college life filled up that space. Campus life gives so much freedom to spit your mind on anyone whom you like to. You always end up in conflictions with the girl who always loved to insult you or the guy who told you that your dress was not trendy on your first date. Man, is that not too much to handle when you are young. There comes the “f” word for your aid. It helps you to curse the traitor in the most possible fowl language. It comes to your rescue each time you see the person whom you would rather like to have kidnapped and dump him in the Bermuda triangle.
The pathetic part is that you know you can’t do that, so you end up including the “f” word in your so-called English vocabulary.

I recently heard a conversation between two collegians discussing their boyfriends.

G1: hiya, how is your life goin… mine is fucking worse.
G2: oh, tell me about it.. I got this fucking boyfriend of mine who makes me think each time why in the world I fell for his fucking stories.
G1: oh, ok.. that’s sad…. Hey, did I tell you I broke up with my two-day-old boy friend cos I caught him roaming around with a fucking female on his fucking red bike.
G2: fuck man…. You kidding me.. he seemed so sweet.
G1: that is the prob.. guys are always so fucking sweet but it takes an overnight for them to turn sour.
G2: great. I am not able to get rid of my fucking boyfriend… though I told him to fuck off.. he thinks it is great idea that if he trots around me like a fucking kid I might take him back.
G1: I know guys are so fuckin dumdheads.
G2: yup, so let us see how far can we put up with our fuckin boy friends.

It can be seen that no conversations last without the aid of at least one ”f” word. Things around us are so irritating that every other person gets the “f” word stuck to his tongue. Did you know that the “f” word is horribly contagious too. It was not long before I noticed that I had unknowingly passed on the “f” word to my younger brother who is just sixteen. The other day I heard him over the phone that went somewhat like this.

“are you sure…fuck man”
“god.. are you crazy or what”
“fuck you … you ass”.

I had my eyeballs reaching the ceiling, as I never wanted this to happen. How the hell do I get him to spit the “f” word off his tongue forever. Getting rid of the “f” word was like trying to give up smoking or drugs. I had tried several attempts but in vain. All I did was to summon my brother and give him a nice thrashing and I threatened him if he ever used the “f” word.
As if it were the most innocent thing to do, he asked, ‘ok, why don’t you give me a list of the fowl words I am supposed to use?’
May be it was too late. When I myself had difficulty to kick the “f” word, how do I ask my bro to give up. That was the first time I wished there was an “ANTI -FUCK WORD USAGE COMMUNITY” providing therapy sessions to cure people to give up the “f” word.
However, I realized very soon the major impact of the “f” word one day when I was busily collecting a few papers lying over the floor.
‘fuck… fuck…I hate this.. fuck man… ,’ I uttered, quite accidentally of course.
Up ahead, I saw the disapproval on my professor’s face. I could literally feel the words “you are fired” dancing in his mouth waiting to vomit on me. He gave me a stern look and walked away. The “f” word is no longer in my dictionary. Still, I can’t help it sitting on the tip of my tongue each time things get messy. Not many realize the impact of the “f” word.
Sometimes it can cost you your pal’s feelings too. So next time when you have this sudden urge of using the “f” word, swallow it inside your mouth tactfully and trust me, you save a lot of terrible things in your life.

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