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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lesson learnt through journey

Ever wondered how is it to sit beside a stranger all night? Ever thought of finding yourself squashed between people whom you don’t know? Well, this would normally happen if you are a passenger in a train. Train journeys can actually teach you a lot despite the journey lasting few hours only.

I have become a regular traveler of train since the day my job shifted to Chennai. There were many instances when I had to travel alone. I always thought it was a great liberation to have a confirm ticket in your hand after the anxious ages of waiting to get them confirmed.

But I was wrong. Getting a confirm ticket is just not all. I realized this one summer night when I was scheduled to board a train around ten thirty. Dressed in a short top and jeans, clutching the ticket in one hand with the baggage in the other, I stepped into the train only to find the compartment scarcely occupied. Beside my berth were seated five bachelors.

Their presence somehow made me uncomfortable though I distracted myself playing mobile games and munching on snacks.

As the night wore on, I could sense the men discussing me. I prayed desperately for the women breed to appear from nowhere.

I sighed with relief at the sight of the TTR. Immediately, I explained him my distressed situation. He listened carefully and shifted me to a berth which was crowded but adaptable.
At the moment, I resolved never to travel alone unless necessary.

In the next compartment, I encountered three old ladies fighting for space over my seat. To my annoying disappointment, they would not budge an inch which made it impossible for me to doze.

It was then that I realized that no journey can be assumed to be comfortable. Even though my ticket was confirmed, comfort was not guaranteed. I guess life also works in a similar way. We just have to mould ourselves to the situations that arise. It’s truly said that one should be prepared for anything in life.

My current train journeys, though not very enjoyable ones, have come to terms that I will have to adjust those few hours to reach my destination. We all have to cross phases of life which are often not in our favor to reach a favorable position. From the train journey, I learnt that simple things in life can teach important lessons.


Harish Govardhan said...

:) This is the best of the lot you have written.. Very well written.. And yes, it always happens that the day you would like to feel cozy and comfo and slp well, thats the day you cannot!!!

AnVij said...

Good read! I am also a regular IRCTC customer, but then there is a difference. I always pray that i get some gal wearing short top and jeans would get the seat adjacent to me, but :(

And by the way, your colleague is my roomie!