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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

is it all about finding the right one? or u being the right one?

Ever since I grew up, I had been influenced largely by books, movies and all dramas that involved love stories. I had somehow assumed that we all eventually had to find the right one for us or that there was right one made for us. Someone who would be just made exclusively for you would suddenly turn up, may be at the bus stop or in class or in office or when you take your dog for a walk or.....the list is endless of how you could bump into your soulmate.
well, then starts the phase oh-I-am-madly-in-love and he/she-is-really-the-right-one for me( like God sent). I almost feel like laughing at such theories now. Lately, I have realised that it was not falling in love that mattered, it was sustaining the love that mattered. In fact, there is no such thing called as 'the right one'. It's just what we have made up.
Most people are good to us but then towards the end we have to choose only one to share our deepest secrets and desires. It is more about finding that person that counts. And you surely can't expect that person to be -the-best-person-ever-on-earth. No, that person will also have flaws like you have yours. But nobody is ever perfect (yeah, you've heard that b4).
What I feel is that it's not about being perfect for each other but it's more about being comfortable with each other which includes being able to share stuff, laugh about, discuss things and also accept each other for what they are.
Relationships fail when people demand the same perfections which they had seen earlier but the truth is that there was never a perfect one all along, it's what you assumed to be.
So, it's better for the heart to not search for the perfect one. It's more to do with following your instincts cos they mostly lead you where you really have to be. Then you get about creating a great relationship by doing the right things for each other.
Love, after all, is abundant, it never dries up.


Saurabh said...

HInteresting.. very interesting! This is the first time I have read your blog and I am impressed! You followed your instinct!

aradhana said...

SO did you start your second book.....i never got a copy of your first book though :(wanted to read it and give you feeback :)

chital_phenomenal said...

@ saurabh
thanks.... trying to follow my instinct everywhere..

chital_phenomenal said...


yep!!! working in it... wil release it soon..