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Monday, August 30, 2010

How luxury can sometimes be a torture!!!

Well, I had been home recently for the weekend to see my parents (usually, its for home food that I drop by but, whatever!!!). And as usual, no matter how many times my dad yells at me or explains me the tantrums of not booking my tickets in advance for the train, I wasn't going to pay any heed to whatever he said. That was just me.
And so I used my internet skills to book a return ticket back to chennai just two days before the trip. Alas, every single bus travel agency had sold the tickets (this only increased my desire to open up a bus travel agency even more). I used my sources and ocntacts and influence- and finally got a ticket in a bus which luckily happened to cross my home town heading to Chennai.
When I reached the boarding point, I learnt that it was an AC bus. I was like wow!!!AC luxury for just 450 bucks, I chuckled.
Around 9.30, the bus arrived packed with ppl wrapped in funny colored bedsheets. After my dad made sure that the bus folks would drop me safely (as if I can't take of myself, I am 23 for God's sake but a dad is a dad), he got down from the bus.
Thankfully enough, after a while, I was also given a thin bedsheet around which I immediately wrapped myself. As I made myself comfortable, I was treated to the unmistakable noise to a vijay starrer movie which must have been the most irritating thing I had ever seen on a TV.
Until 12, the loud noise banged around my ears as I fought the urge to break down the TV. And I happened to have a neighbour beside me. By the looks of it, I judged it as a 'girl', a really fat girl I think. She tossed and turned all night in her seat while I silently stuck to my seat trying hard not to give her any space of mine (after all it's my seat).
It was an AC bus, good. But nobody had told me it would be freaking cold inside that my nose, lips, fingers and toes were frozen by the time we entered Chennai. Why did they bother giving the bedsheet, I cursed under my breath.
As Fate would have it, we got stuck in a traffic at 6 am in Tambaram (traffic at 6 am!!! I think I hate metros).
Phew! and I finally got to taste freedom at 7 am when I stepped outside the bus kissing the warm air.
That day I learnt, luxury might not actually be luxury certain times. That wasn't the worst of my journeys but not one of my best ones either. (Maybe I should finally listen to my dad)



well.. getting at the last minute seems that you have spent both money and peace at journey..!! haste makes waste...(this may not be the first time you are learning this lesson..!! lolzz)

diva said...

well lets see whether u follow it next time ...like u said dad is a dad..we are always us... we are never gonna change..just that we are lazyy...